dinsdag 15 februari 2005


Scotland here we come!

Two more days before we come over yonder.

Going for a highland hike.
Going to sniff up Edin-atmoshpere.
Going to have a pint.
Going to hear the last call's bell ringing.
Not going to eat haggis.
Not going to buy silly little souvenirs. (except, well, maybe just one or two)
Going to send you a postcard.
Going to fly Ryanair.
Going to pray nothing goes wrong.
Going to pray the plane leaves in time.
Going to pray the plane leaves, period.
Not going to look underneath kilts.
Going to see my very very very good friends.
Not going to drive on the lefthandside.
Going to miss my boyfrrriend.
Going to shop-a-till-we-dropp-a. (right, boys?)
Not going to spend too much money, but...
Not going to be a cheap bastard either.

Going to be too short!!

1 opmerking:

Stoffel zei

NOT going to hear the last call's bell ringing (niet echt zo een sluitings-tijd van alle bars)

GOING to eat haggis. (echt lekker - moeten we zeker eens proberen)

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuj ! nog twee nachtjes slapen ! jihaa